Notice of Tenement Licence Application 006870


On 30 October 2018, Stavely Minerals Limited was formally notified that the Minister for Resources, Tim Pallas, has accepted the Company’s tender in relation to Block 3 (now EL006870) of the Stavely Mineral Exploration Tender. Stavely Minerals applied for EL006870 on 1 November 2018.

EL006870 Location Plan

Environment Impact Mitigation


All operations undertaken by Stavely Minerals will be conducted to ensure minimal impact on the existing land use, environment and community.


Site Risk Assessment


Drill collar locations will be selected and sites designed to ensure maximum protection of environment, social and land-use factors.


All drill sites will be flagged to prevent access by unauthorised personnel. Any person entering the drill area will be required to be inducted by the on-site driller. All relevant personal protective equipment must be worn. 


During the drilling phase, a Stavely Minerals' employee or contract representative will be present in the project area.


Pre-existing tracks and roads will be used to access drill sites where possible. Where additional access is required it will be done in consultation with the landholder and will be rehabilitated upon completion of the programme.


Noise Management


Drill collars will not be sited any closer than 100m from an occupied residence. Noise attenuation devices (including the use of hay bales) will be used where necessary to ensure minimal public disturbance and compliance with EPA limitations. RC drilling hours will be from 7am to 6pm.  Diamond drilling will be conducted in two 12hr shifts per day. This will reduce to one 12hr shift when drilling close to residences.


Water Management


Drill sites will be selected so as not to disturb any natural drainage lines. There will be no discharge of water or drilling fluids. It is anticipated that minimal groundwater will be intercepted. All water, including water injected into the hole during drilling will be contained in cascading water tanks on the surface.  A septic truck will regularly collect and dispose of the drill fluids at an approved landfill site. Biodegradable drilling fluids will be used to ensure minimal impact on groundwater.


Dust Management


A small amount of dust is expected to be emitted from the drill rig on occasions while RC drilling is in progress. All dust mitigation devices and techniques will be employed to minimise this emission. No dust is emitted from diamond drilling.

Fuel and Hydrocarbon Storage


During the drilling programmes, fuel will be either stored in a fuel truck or if it is stored in containers they will be underlain by plastic sheeting and a bund will be constructed.


Fire Prevention


Machinery and equipment will be checked to ensure adequate fire suppression equipment is available at all times. Equipment will be checked for potential fire hazards prior to beginning work. During summer a trailer mounted fire unit will be on stand-by at the drill rig. No drilling will be conducted on fire ban and machinery movement ban days.


Flora Management


Sites will be selected to ensure minimal vegetation disturbance. Sites with previous disturbance will be selected in preference to removing vegetation and no native vegetation removal is required.


The vast majority of EL006870 is covered by crops, predominately wheat and canola.


Preparation of the site for diamond drilling will be done in consultation with the landholder. The preparation will involve removal and setting aside of the top soil and subsequent laying of thick plastic sheets beneath the entire site, or the use of coconut matting to protect the soil ecosystem from mechanical disturbance or chemical additions. Following the completion of drilling, shallow scarification will be undertaken to remediate compaction, and if the topsoil was stockpiled, the top soil will be replaced.


Fauna Management


When selecting drill collar locations, consideration will be given to possible fauna roosts, nests or general habitat. Operators will ensure there is no disruption to native fauna such as birds, reptiles or marsupials that may enter the drill site after drilling has commenced.


Waste, in particular food scraps, will be appropriately stored and disposed.




Upon completion, all drill sites will be fully rehabilitated to their natural state in accordance with the Mineral Resources Development Act 1990 (“the Act”).


Environmental Monitoring and Auditing


Safety and Environmental monitoring will be conducted by qualified / experienced site personnel prior to and after completion of each drill hole. Site audits are then conducted on a quarterly basis for the first 12 months after completion of the programme thence on an annual basis for the duration of the Exploration Licence.


Health and Safety

Stavely Minerals has an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy. The policy aims to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Community Engagement

Stavely Minerals has an established presence in the Stavely region and has developed a relationship with a large number of landholders and stakeholders.

Stavely Minerals is committed to regular, open and honest communication with the community. The community will be kept informed of exploration programmes on the project. Communication methods used include the Company’s website, updates to the local council, interviews with the local newspapers and direct liaison with the affected landholders. Periodically community open days will be held, which will present an opportunity for landholders and the local community to be updated on the Company’s exploration activities.

Stavely Minerals management regularly meets with the Ararat Rural City Council Mayor, Deputy Mayor and CEO to update them on exploration activities and progress in the area.

On occasions, the Company’s exploration activities are presented at the monthly meeting at the Glenthompson Hall. This style of stakeholder engagement will be extended to the regional communities of Willaura, Wickliffe and Lake Bolac which are covered by EL006870.

Stavely Minerals has hosted a number of community days at both Ararat and Glenthompson to provide an opportunity for landholders and the local community to be updated on the Company’s exploration activities. These events also provide an occasion to education the community on the exploration process and what the community benefits may be if Company where to be successful in their exploration efforts. These community days will be held on an annual basis, with invitations to be sent to each impacted landholder, flyers posted in the regional community halls and notices placed in the local newspapers.

As per Stavely Minerals’ standard operating procedures, all impacted landholders and the Ararat Rural City Council will be informed in writing about upcoming on-ground exploration programmes in a timely manner. This will be followed-up by a visit or phone call from Mr Greg Walcott, local landholder liaison consultant, to ensure that there are no questions or issues regarding the up-coming programmes. The landholders will be contacted by a Stavely Minerals’ employee a few days before the programme commences to provide information on the exact timing and duration of the programme. During the exploration programme, a Company representative will be on-site to liaise with the landholders as required.  

Prior to conducting any ground disturbing activities, including drilling, a Compensation Agreement will be signed with the Landholder.

Stakeholders with an interest in the project should join the mailing list on the website to receive email alerts for updates and news. Stavely Minerals has a local landholder liaison consultant, Greg Walcott, with whom community members are encouraged to communicate with should they have any queries or concerns.

Greg Walcott’s contact details are 0488 379 077.


Proposed Work Programme for EL006870




EL006870 is located in the Stavely Arc, western Victoria and is prospective for porphyry, volcanic massive sulphide and epithermal copper-gold mineralisation. EL006870 is located adjacent to the Company’s existing tenement portfolio in the Stavely region, where the Company has been aggressively exploring the Thursday’s Gossan copper-gold porphyry prospect targeting a world-class porphyry discovery.


Below is an outline of the proposed exploration programme for the five year tenure of EL006870.

Year 1


Early stage exploration will be conducted with the objective of selecting exploration targets during the first year of tenure. The first step will be to identify and engage with the local landholders in the area. Exploration activities will include the compilation and review of historical open file data and available geoscience datasets.  Reconnaissance field investigation and rock chip sampling will be conducted. A ground gravity survey will be undertaken to cover the most prospective portions of the tenement. The gravity data, together with the available regional aeromagnetic data, will be used to compile a detailed structural interpretation. First pass exploration targets will be identified from the available geoscience datasets, historical open file data, field reconnaissance, structural interpretation and rock chip results.


Year 2


The second phase of exploration will be conducted with the objective of first pass testing of selected exploration targets during Year 2 and Year 3.  During Year 2, the proposed exploration programme includes soil sampling to test areas of interest where the relic soil profile has been preserved and reconnaissance aircore drill testing of areas of interest where the cover is transported or the soil profile has been leached. In addition, a ground induced polarisation (IP) survey will be planned over selected areas to provide a focus for deeper diamond drilling.


Year 3


During Year 3, planned exploration will continue with first pass testing of selected targets.  Diamond drilling will be planned to test IP anomalies and geochemical targets.

Year 4

During Year 4 and 5, exploration will enter into the advanced exploration phase. In Year 4, planned exploration will involve follow-up/ infill induced polarisation over selected exploration targets to provide better constraint on anomalies and more accurate drilling focus. Planned diamond drilling will be designed to either follow-up previous drill results or test IP and geochemical anomalies.

Year 5

In Year 5, exploration will continue on from Year 4 with further diamond drilling planned.

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