Stavely Minerals Limited recognises that responsible community engagement is a key part of its exploration activities, and fundamental to its future as a successful exploration and mineral development company.

We have a commitment to the communities in which we operate, and consider that sound community engagement practices provide benefits for all stakeholders, including local residents, landowners, shareholders, employees, contractors and the broader community. 

We are committed to regular, open and honest communication with the community so locals are aware of our exploration activities through appropriate disclosure of information, to consult with them to obtain feedback, and to provide a mechanism for resolving any concerns or complaints they might have. 

We recognise that all stakeholders with whom we engage should be treated with respect and fairness, and we seek to protect the environment and enrich the communities in which we work. Community engagement works best where it is an ongoing cumulative process enabling relationships and trust to build and strengthen over time and is essential for a viable future.

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Stavely Project - Economic Impact Report

Deloitte Economic Impact Study - March 2021

Latest News

Outstanding Assays of up to 10% Copper, 25g/t Gold and 2,540g/t Silver within Latest Wide Drill Intercepts Confirm North-Western Extension of the Cayley Lode

Strike extent of the Cayley Lode confirmed to 900m with further assays pending; Additional intercept interpreted to be the Copper Lode Splay at shallow depth

Early-Stage Air-core Drilling Results Point to New Porphyry Discovery at Toora West

Encouraging indications from shallow air-core drilling ~15km NW of the Thursday’s Gossan Prospect highlight “province-scale” exploration potential across Stavely’s tenure

More Wide Intercepts Confirm Cayley Lode Extension

Strike extent of resource definition area confirmed to 850m with further assays pending; Plus, clasts of copper mineralised porphyry in breccia provide strongest evidence to date of a mineralised porphyry underlying the Thursday’s Gossan prospect