Yarram Park Project

The Yarram Park Project is located within an area where interpretation of the regional aeromagnetic data has identified the presence of an offset portion of either the Mount Stavely Belt, or the Bunnagul Belt, beneath the Quaternary cover. Both the Mount Stavely Belt and the Bunnagul Belt are considered to be highly prospective for intrusive-related porphyry copper-gold and diatreme-hosted gold mineralisation.

A coincident gravity low with peripheral and central magnetic highs was identified within the Cambrian aged volcanics at the Toora West Prospect. Mineralisation in porphyry copper-gold and diatreme-hosted deposits is commonly associated with magnetite that can produce strong discrete peripheral and central magnetic anomalies. Porphyry intrusions and diatremes are commonly less dense than the surrounding country rocks and produce a gravity low.

The IP, completed in September 2015, over the coincident gravity low and magnetic high identified a pair of chargeability features on both survey lines. The IP chargeability features correlate with the margins of the small magnetic high at the core of the gravity low which itself is enclosed within a magnetic high annulus and makes this prospect a very attractive conceptual geologic target and a priority for drill testing.

A two hole diamond drilling programme is planned at the Toora West prospect to target intrusion related copper and gold mineralisation. The proposed programme has the potential to discover porphyry copper-gold or diatreme-hosted gold mineralisation in an under-explored terrain. A three line IP survey is proposed prior to the diamond drilling programme. The IP survey will close-up the line spacing to 200m which will significantly improve the constraints along strike and also permit 3D inversion modelling and improved drill targeting.  The exact locations of the drill holes will be determined based on the results of the proposed additional IP at the Toora West prospect.



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